Cypress Creek Middle High School Theatre Program

CCMHS offers theatre classes for every grade on campus.  There are also opportunities at every grade level to perform in live stage productions.  A middle school play is produced in the fall for grades 6-8, and a high school play is produced in the spring for grades 9-12.  In addition, the high school students have performance opportunities with the Comedy Improvisation Troupe – The Bandits, who perform twice a year, as well as the Thespian Honor Society competition at the district and state levels.

Classes Offered:

M/J Theatre 1 – 7th or 8th grade

M/J Theatre 2 – 8th grade

Theatre 1 – grades 9-12

Theatre 2 – grades 9-12

Theatre 3 Honors (weighted credit) – grades 11-12

Theatre 4 Honors (weighted credit) – grade 12



Drama Club – all grades

Middle School Play – by audition only

High School Play – by audition only

The Bandits Improv Troupe – high school only – by audition only

Thespian International Honor Society Troupe 8658 – high school by invitation only

Ms. Peacock

Ms. Peacock

High School Theatre Instructor

Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Martin

Middle School Theatre Instructor