Dance Department Spirit Wear

Dance Department Spirit Wear


The dance program is taught by Ms. Stacey Enyart  and Ms. Corinne Hidar and gives students the opportunity to discover several styles of dance, as well as the opportunity to choreograph their own works. All students in dance classes have the chance to perform at the end of every semester.

The mission of the Dance Department is to provide an environment conducive to the highest caliber of dance training, art making and scholarship. Our approach encourages fluidity between the processes of making art, honing craft and deepening intellectual explorations. We cultivate the individual creative voice with exposure to diverse technical and philosophical approaches. Such an environment nurtures exceptional dance practitioners, allows us to make creative and intellectual contributions to the larger dance community, and fosters collaborative endeavors within and beyond our field.

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Courses Offered:
No auditions are required for level 1 courses. Audition are required for level 2 and higher. Please see Curriculum Guide for more details.


  • Dance 1
  • Dance 2
  • Dance 3
  • Introduction to Dance


  • Dance Techniques I
  • Dance Techniques II
  • Dance Techniques III Honors
  • Dance Techniques IV Honors
  • Choreography and Performance

#CD2 Snapshot

Most important things to know about dance:

Daily Grade:

10 points based on fully dress out and full participation. See rubric Posted in classroom

Dance Fee: $75 for the year

You receive a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. Men: Shirt and shorts.

Returning students only receive leotard and tights or men shirt and shorts.


Fri., Nov 22 (all day) and Sat., Nov. 23 (all day)

Fri., Feb. 21 (all day) and Sat., Feb. 22 (all day)

Wed., Apr 22 (all day) / Thurs., Apr 23 (all day) / Fri., Apr 24 (3pm on) / Sat., Apr 25 (all day)

Required Performances (subject to change):

11/ 22  all day rehearsal @ WCPAC

Eve show @ 7PM 2 WCHS

11/23   Possible matinee show @ 12

Eve 7pm @ WCHS

2/21     all day rehearsal

Eve show @ 7PM @ CCMHS

2/22     Possible matinee show @ 12

Eve 7pm @ WCHS

4/22     all day rehearsal @ WCPAC

4/23     all day rehearsal @ WCPAC for select students

4/23     EVE SHOW @ 7PM @ WCHS

4/24     run thru during classes, teaser show in school at LUNCH and show in eve 7pm @ WCHS

4/25     Possible matinee show @ 12

Eve 7pm @ WCHS

Optional Dates to know:

2/25- 3/2           High School Dance Festival – Pittsburgh

11/16               Macy’s Day Performance

** All dates are subject to change


2019-2020 Conservatory of Dance Arts at Cypress Video Audition

Conservatory of Dance Arts at Cypress offers a video audition for 2019-2020 school year for returning students who have missed the on-site audition in February. Videos must be received no later than August 9, 2019 for entrance in the following fall semester. You may also upload the audition to YouTube or Vimeo or a similar site and send a link to the video footage to (grade 9-12) or  (grade 6-8). The videos should include the following for a full consideration:

  1. Introduction

Introduce yourself, and talk briefly about yourself, your interests, and goals.

  1. Self-choreographed movement phrase (total 1 to 2 minutes length)

Show a movement phrase (30 to 60 seconds in length) that demonstrates different uses of the torso, level changes, weight bearing on the hands, and parallel and turn-out leg alignment. Show a traveling combination (30 to 60 seconds in length) that demonstrates large aerial movement such as leaps and jumps. Both phrases should demonstrate the auditionee’s knowledge of dance from his/her previous dance training at the CDAC.

            **Note: Instrumental music only.


Ms. Enyart

Ms. Enyart

High School Dance Instructor


Ms E, a Florida native, received Cum Laude Honors with a BA in dance performance from Point Park Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA and her MA in dance education from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. While in the States, Ms. E studied with many companies and choreographers such as; Michelle Assaf, Cleveland San Jose Ballet, Savion Glover, Kenneth Laws, Mia Michaels, Ballet Met, Margaret Morrison, David Parsons, Nicholas Petrov, Gill Stroming, Ron Tassone and Tim Veach, just to name a few. Miss E also performed for RCI on two of their new cruise lines, Celebrity Cruises, traveling from British Columbia, down the west coast, through the Panama Canal, across the seas, up the Baltic and down the Mediterranean Seas.

Along with performing Ms. E has also pursued many other careers in the entertainment field. She has choreographed for numerous companies throughout the United States, UK and Scotland, and is currently the founding artistic director and owner of Suncoast Dance Theatre. Recently you may have seen her as the jazz director at New Tampa Dance Theater as well as the only residential jazz teacher and choreographer for Ruth Eckerd Hall’s Marcia P. Hoffman Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. Currently, beyond teaching at CCMHS and her own studio she is a choreographer and rehearsal director for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines out of Ft. Lauderdale.

Ms. E is excited about the program at Cypress Creek Middle High School, and looks forward to making an impact in your child’s life.

Ms. Hidar

Ms. Hidar

Middle School Dance Instructor


Corinne Hidar studied at The University of Tampa as a dance major to expand her knowledge in dance education and spread her love of dance. During her time at UT, she performed in Fall Dance Happening, Evening of Experimental Dance, Spring Concert and Spring Dance Happening, while also interning at The Patel Conservatory. She has also had the opportunity to train with many different choreographers and dance educators, such as Bill Evans, Terry Goetz, and Jon Lehrer. In her final year at UT Corinne had the honor of receiving the “Dance Student of The Year” award, as well as the Charlene Gordon award in dance. She continues to perform in various shows around Tampa and St. Petersburg. Corinne is committed to making her classes a safe and fun place for dancers to explore their love and passion for dance, and to grow in knowledge together. 

She encourages an environment full of support, fun, and education. Her goal is to create well rounded, smart dancers that are able to express their creative minds.  Corinne achieves this by teaching in a Brain Compatible teaching style based off the work of Anne Green Gilbert. This method engages the brain and body in dance class to challenge dancers on their technique and creative skills.